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Johan Hallenby

15+ years experience as an entrepreneur and investor/board member. Amazon operator since early 2020. CEO/Founder of Fitness company Viscus which was acquired by SATS Sports Club 2019. Investor and x-board member in start-ups like Fello (Acquired by Telia 2019), YourCFO, Nordish Market, Jascha etc. Exec. MBA + MSc Economics.


Jonas Arlebäck

20+ years of extensive experience within financial management, business and change management, tech/fintech growth activities and management consulting. 

Previously acting CEO at Qliro and before that CFO and CEO at Lowell.

COO/Head of Growth

Scott Henshaw

17+ years of marketing and business development experience in high growth and world renowned medical device companies. Amazon product lead since Feb 2021, delivering $40k revenue in Q4 2021. Early investor in probiotic soda, OliPop. Coach and Mentor. Exec. MBA + MSc Engineering + Diploma Management


Peter Bladh

20+ years experience within software development, technology for intra-logistics, IT, product management, business development and team management. Previously Director Research & Development, Director Product Management & Marketing, etc. at Kollmorgen, consultancy within digitalization at Peter Bladh Konsult AB. Executive MBA + Computer Science degree
Chief of Sustainability

Jessika Lind Petrén

20+ years experience as senior manager in sustainability, HSSEQ, public affairs, law and change management. Previously business owner/CEO of Lind Petrén Sustainability Affairs, HSSEQ Manager at Perstorp AB and 19 years experience at Stena Metall AB as Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager. Executive MBA + MSc Business Management + BSc Law
Working Chairman / Investor

Alexander Hars

20+ years experience in e-commerce, marketplaces and entrepreneurship. Founder & CEO of Alva, Let’s deal (acquired by Schibsted) and System OK (acquired by Roxio). Investor in 35+ companies and Chairman/board member in Desenio, Pet Media Group, Once Upon, Glas, Hälsa Hemma, Zalster.
Director of Brand Management

Andreas Granhage

SKU Manager Johan & John.Business Development Manager at Superb, Sales Manager Mackmyra Svensk Whisky, Restaurant Manager Landvetter Airport Hotel. Exec. MBA and Hospitality Management
HR Director

Natassja Block

10+ years experience in global recruitment, people management, marketing, sales and operations. Previously COO/HR Manager at Real Estate startup Ny vy Mäklare, marketing dept at STS Alpresor, HR and internal trainings at Volvo Cars and Project Manager in EF Global Recruitment Team and Office Manager Stockholm at EF Education First. MSc International Business Administration and German language
Brand Manager

Abdul Wahab

2+ years experience of Amazon FBA Consultancy, PPC Consultancy and Virtual Assistance.

Previously Amazon FBA Brand Manager at Digitalaxiss.

Bsc Business Administration.

Brand Manager

Andreas Ludvigsson

10+ years of experience as web developer, graphic designer and marketing manager.

Previously Head of E-Commerce at Lakritsroten, Online Marketing Manager at Burde Förlags AB and Head of SEM at InkClub.

Bsc Enterprising and Business Development

Senior Advisor Investor Relations & PR

Åsa Hillsten

20+ years of experience in project management, Corporate communications, IPO Readiness and M&A. Business owner of Hillsten IR & Corporate Communications AB.

Previously Chief Communications Officer and Investor Relations at Collector Bank and Head of IR and Corporate Communications at Cantena Media.

Bsc Economy & Marketing

Treasury Manager

Helena Wigerud Hellman

10+ years of experience in accounting, financial controlling and customer service.

Previously Accountant at SKF Group, Zimmer Biomet, and Team Leader at Ramirent AB.

Bsc in Accounting

Demand & Supply Manager

Stephanie Jensen

10+ years of experience in demand planning, supply, product catalogue status management and procurement accuracy and customer care.

Previously Demand Planning Senior Manager at Razor Group, Category Demand Manager at L’oreal and Logistics Analyst at Lexmark International.

As Custom Broker + Bsc Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management + PGD Environmental Studies, Sustainable Environmental Management

Brand Creative Manager

Pontus Bengtsson

10+ years of experience with Graphic Design and Typography.

Previously Partner & Digital Art Director at Should Brand & Design.

Bsc Graphic Design and Web Development

Brand Manager

Serghei Trifonoglo

4+ years of experience in marketing, e-commerce, Amazon and Business Development.

Previously E-commerce Brand Manager at Razor Group, Head Of Business Development at AMZ Experts and International Business Development Specialist at AMZ Experts.

Bachelors in International Trade + MBA

Chief People & Culture Officer

Roger Schweizer

Works as a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. Head of the Graduate School and Program Director of the Executive MBA program. Present research interests are international strategy issues in general and firms’ internationalization processes, international entrepreneurship, the relationship between headquarters and subsidiaries, as well as M&A in particular.
Brand Manager

Azeem Butt

3+ year of experience in Amazon, Brand Management and PPC Optimization.

Previously Amazon Brand Manager at Papa’s Mall and Xpress Technologies and Amazon Virtual Assistant at UpWorks.

Bsc Mechatronics

Global Sourcing & Procurement Manager

Andreas Gustavsson

10+ years experience of Supply Chain management, sourcing, procurement, shipping and logistics. 

Previously Head of Region at a company in Log-Tech, digitalizing the world of supply chain and building a platform for simple and effective collaboration. Before that, Logistics manager with responsibility over purchase and shipping activities, also experience from various positions such as Operations manager, logistics responsible within shipping.

Operations Manager Asia

Tahir Shafiq

9+ years of experience in Supply Chain and Logistics, Operations, Amazon and New Product Launch.

Previously Supply Chain and Logistics Manager at the Coca Cola Company, International Product Launch Supply Chain Lead at Thrasio and Supply Chain & Operations Manager at SellerX.

MBA Supply chain Management, M.Sc (Chemistry)

Onboarding Manager

Linda Melin

10+ years of experience in business development, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. Previously Co-founder and CEO at the start-up business Suavoo, a beauty on-demand service provider. Before that, Sales and Marketing Manager at Staples and Business Development Manager at Brightvision. MSc in Business Management.
Senior Brand Manager

Kirill Kachinsky

10+ years of experience within digital marketing, e-commerce, product management and brand management. Extensive knowledge within the Amazon and Aggregator space. 
Marketing Manager

Lovisa Ahlm

4+ years experience of project management, strategic marketing, collab influencer strategy and commercial planning, marketing communication and content creating.

Previously Market Lead Manager at Jotex, Lead Collab Brand Manager at and Marketing Communicator and Content Creator at Mavela.

BSc Business Management

Operational Excellence Manager

Jonathan Nyström Lennström

4+ years of experience in customer experience (CX), customer experience

management and strategies, management consulting, and project management. Previously Director of Customer Experience at Avinode Group, Senior Consultant at Allianz Consulting, and Co-founder of Volentos (volunteering platform for travelers “on the go”).

MSc Strategic entrepreneurship

Brand Manager

Rebecka Smith

5+ years of experience in Amazon, entrepreneurship, publishing/writing.

Founder of George Jr by Rebecka Smith and George Jr My Story, Author of Against All Odds.

Director of M&A

Wilhelm Bergman

7+ years experience in entrepreneurship, M&A, finance and E-commerce. Previously CFO/COO at Insert Coin, ICM engineer at Atlas Copco and entrepreneur. Founder of WB watches and WB advisory. MSc Business Design (ICM)
Global Logistics Manager

Niklas Myrbäck

15+ years experience of Supply Chain Management, E-commerce, Marketplaces and operations

Previously Operations Director for E-commerce D2C and Marketplaces at Orkla and before that also the Chief Digital Supply Chain Officer, Category Manager and Business Supply Chain Development

Finance Manager

Anna Bragfeldt

7+ years experience in Accounting and Financial Management, reporting and financial statements and outsourcing consultancy.

Previously 7+ years at Grant Thornton Sweden as Group Manager Finance Services, Consultant Outsourcing Services, Senior Accounting Associate and Accounting Associate.

Senior Brand Manager

Idan Liba

5+ years of Amazon experience and 10+ years of experience within Business Development, entrepreneurship, marketing, Brand Management and Retail Management.

Previously Brand Manager at Amazon aggregator Page.One and Client Solutions Manager at httpool.

Financial Systems Manager

Sara Anthony

20+ years finance experience from consulting and fixed positions up to CFO-level in the US and Nordics and Netsuit ERP. Managed Business and Financial Control teams of up to seven people, worked on international projects, implemented Netsuite ERP, been responsible for outsourcing financial services and worked with funding a small company.
Head of Controlling

Jim Collander

4+ yers of experience as a Business Analyst and Consultant at Arthur D. Little and Division Manager of Industrial Engineering at Chalmers Student Union.

Bsc Industrial Engineering and Management + Msc Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management

Chief Legal Officer

Roger Cohen

10+ years of experience with corporate law, business strategy, intellectual property and customer service. Founder of law firm Sparrow Law.

Previously Senior Legal Counsel at Fondia Sweden and Chief Legal Officer of Handels Capital Management.

Bsc Business Administration + Master of Laws + Master in Medicine with a major in Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine, Intellectual Capital Management.

Chief of Supply Chain

Hampus Rudholm

15+ years in Sales and International Business Amazon operator since early 2021. Previously at Adnavem digitizing the International Logistic
Industry & driving digital transformation in the Supply Chain. Offering cargo owners full control through End-to-end collaboration, unbundling, and fewer middlemen. IHM Business School – Sales & Marketing
Director of Business Continuity

Marc Melin

15+ years experience in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and sales. Extensive experience in international marketplaces such as Amazon and Zalando. SKU Manager Johan & John. Previously Marketplace manager and Co-founder of Jascha Stockholm. IHM Business School – Sales & Marketing
Supply Chain Project Lead

Viktor Lundgren

4+ years of experience within supply chain, logistics, project management and business development.

Previously Project Manager at Lagerhaus AB and Business Development at Logent.

Bsc in Logistics Management

Tech Project & Team Lead

Linn Burman

4+ years of experience in HR, Management, agile coaching, Miro, Jira, Scrum, Strategic Development and project management. 

Previously at Kollmorgen, started within HR and latest working as Release Train Engineer.

Brand Acquisition Project Lead

Marcin Nowak

7+ years of experience in brand management, project management, finance and operations.

Previously Brand Manager at aggregator Razor Group and Project Leader/Area Manager at Eurocash.

Demand Analytics Specialist

Faizan Riaz

4+ years of experience in supply chain analytics, demand forecasting and E-commerce.

Previously Supply chain Analyst at Thrasio, Demand Forecasting Analyst at Leverify and Supply Chain Specialist at Zones.

Bsc Economics + Ms. Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management

M&A Sourcing Specialist

Adrian Mellbin

5+ years experience in banking and customer support. Ex-board member in Realise Communication. SKU Manager and Management Trainee at Johan & John. Previously worked as customer support at Handelsbanken, sponsor manager at Nöjes and sales at Stadium. MSc Management of growing enterprises.

Amazon PPC Specialist

Dragos Ursa

4+ years of experience  in Amazon PPC and Amazon SEO.

Previously business owner of Amazon brand Donyson, Amazon PPC Specialist – Team Lead at My Amazon Guy and Expert Advisor at TAROM.

Senior Data Engineer/Data Architect

Oleh Ivanov

12+ years of experience in Data and BI engineering and Architecture.
Experience within finance, healthcare, retail and many other industries.

Previously Data Analytics Architect within Global Logic, Team and Tech
Leader at EPAM Systems, Lead Solution Analyst at Exadel.

Computer science degree.

PPC Specialist

Tijana Bogdanovic

3+ years of experience in Amazon PPC marketing and strategy.

Previously Team leader at Sellers Alley, finance assistant at DHL
Express Serbia. Experience in traditional marketing at Grey World Wide
and Grand Motors.

MSc Marketing engineering and communications

Amazon PPC Specialist

Ioana Clenciu

7+ years of experience in Amazon PPC Marketing and Strategy, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management. Previously founder/Amazon PPC Expert of the Amazon PPC provider Amzologist and before that Digital Marketing Manager and Head of Amazon PPC at Innoventic. Also experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media management from Good Afternoon. BSc in International Relations and European Studies.
Part-time System Integrator

Jose Maciel

2+ years of experience as Automation Team Developer at Tata
Consultancy Services.

Biomedical Engineering MSc. Student at Chalmers University of

Investment Analyst

Hebe Xu

10+ years of experience in the financial markets as an investment banker, specializing in US-China cross border transactions and Amazon FBA.

Founder of HB International Consulting. Previously Chief Financial Officer at SpineGuide Technologies, Inc. and Senior Vice President at Tripoint Global Equities.

M.E. Telecommunication Engineering + M.A Economics

Acting Head of Accounting

Maria Andersson

20+ years of experience within finance management and accounting. 7+ years of experience as a CFO from different companies.

Previously a CFO at Stellar Equipment, Gudrun Sjödén Design AB and Silvia Sweden AB and over 6 years at H&M within finance and accounting.

Executive Assistant

Alexandra Österman

4 years of experience as an Executive Assistant at Vinci Energies and Kikki.K. Before that Financial Advisor and Financial Assistant at Mölnlycke Health Care and SEB.

BcS Business Administration

Photo and Video Creator

Sally Lindberg

5+ years experience as Photographer, Videographer and Visual storyteller.
Photographer with experience in drone photography, weddings/events/company photography and video. Experience within content creation and storytelling through photo and film.

Nike Lindau

3+ years of experience as an accountant and talent sourcing.

Previously 2 years of experience as an accountant at Newsec and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Gothenburg.

Onboarding specialist

Bogdan Ranisavljevic

5+ years of experience with international customer service, client
onboarding and Amazon.

Previously Senior Customer Success Manager at Amazon,
Customer Service Specialist at httpool and Field Service Coordinator at
NCR Corporation.

System Integrator

Mohammed Ghazal

4+ years of experience as IT and network technician, installing,
troubleshooting, repairing, network infrastructure and diagnosing
hardware and software.

Previously Network Technician Student at Campus Mölndal.

Amazon PPC Specialist

Stefan Antic

2+ years of experience with Amazon advertising and account

Previously PPC Data Specialist at Bobsled Marketing and Amazon PPC
Specialist at Sellers Alley.

Corporate Project Lead

Anna Kälebo

Student at the Stockholm School of Economics at the bachelors program retail management. Previously both host and later on project leader for Women’s finance day at SSE. BSc Retail Management.

Amalia Lövstrand

3+ years of experience with international sales and industrial

Previously Sales Coordinator at Korab International AB.

Bsc Marketing + MSc Innovation and Industrial Management

Junior Data Engineer

Jacob Schweizer

MSc. student in Computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) with experience in the service- and warehouse/logistics industry.

Part-time Junior Data Engineer at Go North since February 2022.

Jr Graphic Designer

Tatyana Voronsova

10+ years of experience in graphic design, User Interface and marketing.

Previously Lead Amazon Designer at YogaMedic, Lead Designer at Leef Blattwerk and Senior User Interface Designer at Bannerhero.

Bsc Graphic, Communication and Media Studies.

Jr Digital Marketer

Natascha Gerrbo

4+ years of experience of FMCG and the wellness industry. Internships within E-commerce Management.

Finance Trainee

Agnes Fellenius

3+ years of experience in customer development at Skandia.

Bsc in Economics and Political Science.

Business Development Intern

Oskar Hilmersson

Business Development Intern and currently studying Matix Management of Growth program at Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg.
People & Culture Intern

Linnea Karlberg

3+ years experience in global customer service and sales, international education and managing cross-cultural teams.

Previously Recruiter and Online Tutor at Lanterna Education, Team Leader and Tour Guide at VIVA Tours and Sales Support at STS Education.

MA Business Management and Sociology

Marketing Intern

Alva Götesson

2+ years of experience as a consultant within e-commerce and digital marketing, brand management, and websites.

Studying to become an E-commerce Manager at IHM Business School.

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Go North | Go Dream | Go Humans | Go Green | Go Grow | Go Build | 

Go North | Go Dream | Go Humans | Go Green | Go Grow | Go Build | 

Go North | Go Dream | Go Humans | Go Green | Go Grow | Go Build | 

Go North | Go Dream | Go Humans | Go Green | Go Grow | Go Build | 

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