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Selling on Amazon is in our DNA. Go North was started by a team of FBA entrepreneurs, and that spirit guides everything we do.

We designed our M&A process from the perspective of a seller, to ensure it’s easy to understand, smooth, and always a win-win.

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This is how we Go North


We partner with entrepreneurs we believe in, making products people love.


We apply data-driven insights, and our unique experience from being Amazon sellers, to optimize listings and accelerate growth.


We give brands the resources they need to get to the next level.

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

The ‘seller experience’ is at the heart of everything we do. Our M&A process was

designed by interviewing FBA sellers, and we constantly work to improve it through

continous feedback from our seller community.

We stay with the seller throughout the process, and work together in partnership

to ensure an amazing outcome for everyone.

As FBA entrepreneurs, we figured it made sense to build an
aggregator with the seller experience at the core of everything we do.
That way, the seller will partner with us on their next brands too—and
that's how we build the world's best e- commerce community.

“We realized that by going bigger, we could go

better. To go greener and more sustainable.”

As individual sellers we always focused on making products of great quality. But we saw plenty of things that

frustrated us when it came to how e-commerce affects the environment, and how same products are made and

moved. We realized that when adding more brands to our portfolio, and working together, we can change things for

the better in ways that we as single operations couldn’t. From ensuring fairer wages and work conditions in factories, to

developing more sustainable packaging solutions and pursuing climate-smarter logistics.

We know that Going Greener is a journey without an end, and we’re only getting started. We got lots to learn, and we

hope to work with our community to find ways to further improve factory compliance, sustainability in logistics, and

smarter packaging solutions. Let’s go greener!

– Johan Hallenby


“To be a long-term successful business, we must understand and act on sustainability risks and opportunities. We truly believe that we need to be a part of the solution – not the problem.”

– Jessika Lind Petrén

   Head of Sustainability


With higher volumes and with a local sourcing team on the ground, we strive to ensure better working conditions in factories and a higher product quality.


We constantly innovate new packaging solutions which are better for people and our planet.


By adding more brands into one operation, we’re able to ensure a smarter logistical oversight and a climate friendlier supply chain.

“I think it’s central to reflect on past decisions and to learn from them; to have the drive to improve and to do better.”

“My first product was fidget toy that helps adults and kids with anxiety relief, which is great. But it was made of silicone, and I asked myself: ‘should I really ship a bunch of plastics?’ But then I realized that my question should be, ‘how can I make an impact, given the nature of the product?’ I soon realized that I did not need a plastic bag around my product as all my competitors have, and from my second batch, I changed the paper packaging to make it lighter, and with less volume to lower emission when transporting. To make each step a bit greener.”

Meet your new community of sellers

As an aggregator, we get to partner with many amazing entrepreneurs. And that’s great because there

are plenty of things in our industry that we want to change for the better, and we think the best way of

doing that, is together. We’re building a community of entrepreneurs that stays in touch, support each

other, offer guidance, and share insights. We work together to identify problems in our industry, and

innovate solutions to make things better.

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One of the best decisions I made this year was to hand over my invention to Go North! I am not an Amazon guru or expert by any means and over the past 3 years my wife and I have been blessed to take our brand from no sales to over $700,000 in sales by the trial-and-error method. As we considered the future, we felt that our lack knowledge in several areas would prevent us from really taking our popular US based product to the next level. Our biggest concern was finding the right company that would help grow the product and honor the time and effort we put into building the business so far. After a few months of interviewing several companies that wanted to take over our brand we settled on working with the team at Go North. The team at Go North formulated a deal structure that was very fair and we could not be happier that we choose them to take our baby to the next level.

Gregg Macintosh



Selling a brand that you spent countless hours creating and sustaining can be nerve wracking. Selling to Go North made the experience far more comfortable. Their team is honest and transparent in their processes, and I'm confident they will grow the brand to new heights.

Kevin Pope


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