Let’s talk culture

We believe
in Diversity, Equality,
& Inclusion

We believe that creating a positive, fair and inclusive workplace culture, with a focus on employee well-being, leadership, learning, and clear objectives, leads to a win-win situation for both employees and the business.

We are
a Learning Organisation

Our commitment to being a learning organisation enables us to quickly adapt to new trends, technologies, and regulations, providing us with a competitive advantage. This is key in our striving to become an organisation that works towards sustainable consumption. It also fosters collaboration, teamwork, and motivation among our employees. We believe that being a learning organisation is essential for our business, and we are committed to constantly learning and evolving to stay ahead in our business field.

Collaborations for future employees

One way to promote diversity and secure future competence, while also taking on societal responsibility, is by engaging in student internships and collaborations with universities and educational institutions. Currently, we have partnerships with IHM Business School and MATIX School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg.

Where we work

HQ Gothenburg

Nestled in the heart of Gothenburg, the office in Gothenburg overlooks the bustling Järntorget square. The location offers many restaurants, cafes and good connections via the public transportations.

I am currently serving as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at GoNorth. My role involves recruiting top talents who align with our mindset and culture. Prior to joining GoNorth, I gained HR experience in various global organizations. I chose GoNorth due to its incredible growth potential, and I’m excited to contribute to its success. This focused organization grants me the freedom and flexibility to pursue my passions and be my best self both professionally and personally. At GoNorth, we’re a place for ambitious dreamers who aim high, work hard, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Valentina Talent Acquisition Specialist

Go North office in Stockholm, Located in the heart of the vibrant city, this office offers a number of advantages that make it the perfect choice for our company.

I transitioned from a multinational corporation to a more mature startup before finding my ideal fit at Go North, an early-stage startup. As a management consultant, I specialized in customer experience and global strategy. Now, as the Operational Excellence Manager, I focus on efficiency and effectiveness through scalable systems. Go North’s culture of openness and vulnerability is a standout feature, fostering personal growth. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Go North is poised to make a significant industry impact.

Jonathan Lennström Nyström Operational Excellence Manager

Remote Working Culture

Go North has a strong remote working culture that enables us to access a global pool of talent and provides our employees with a better work-life balance. By allowing our workers to set their own schedules and avoid the stress of commuting, we can foster a positive and productive work environment. Additionally, our remote working culture helps us reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing the need for office space and travel, which also means cost savings.


Having the option to work remotely offers a freedom that can change the way we balance work and life. By eliminating commuting stress and providing flexibility in the workplace, you can create a comfortable and personal work environment. This enables increased productivity and a better quality of working life. In addition, I believe that working remotely opens up the opportunity to connect with colleagues around the world, providing a broader and more diverse work experience.

Rebecka Smith Brand Manager | Stockholm, Sweden

For me, remote work equals productivity. When I turn on my laptop, I’m at the office, and when I turn it off, I’m at home. Without a commute, I can channel more energy into tasks, which leads to higher quality results. Working from home minimizes distractions compared to the office. It provides a focused space, allowing for deep concentration and productivity.
Also, the ability to work from anywhere offers great flexibility and results in a better work-life balance, fostering increased creativity. While some people are still debating whether working from home means sacrificing team collaboration, I believe that with the help of all the virtual tools we have, there are no borders between me and my colleagues. I feel like a valued part of the team.

Batuhan Meriç Brand Manager | Berlin, Germany

My journey into remote work at Go North feels like a comedy show in a boardroom. The “commute” now spans from bedroom to home office, where I trade suits for shirts and pajama bottoms (shhh, don’t tell). Zoom meetings have become my stage, with the occasional cat cameo stealing the spotlight. Farewell water cooler chats; we now share coffee breaks through screens. In this laugh-out-loud sitcom, my office chair spins are the highlight of the day. I’ve swapped traffic jams for Wi-Fi signal bars, and somehow, work has never felt more fun. It’s a pleasure being part of this family of incredibly talented individuals!

Mohammad Faseeh Due Diligence & Onboarding Lead | Lahore, Pakistan

Working remotely as a Brand Manager at Go North, where remote work has been a part of our DNA since day one, has been an incredibly rewarding experience. This forward-thinking approach not only allowed us to swiftly identify top talent in the Amazon aggregator space but also provided a platform for these brilliant minds to contribute from day one to the company’s remarkable growth. Whether in Supply Chain, Tech, Accounting, or Operations, our remote setup has attracted and empowered some of the most competitive talents in the industry.

Serghei Trifonoglo Brand Manager | Chisinau, Moldavia

We have our HQ in Gothenburg and Go Norther’s all around the world.